BUS 311 - Information Systems for the Global Business Environment

Shidler College of Business • Dr. Richard Halverson • Summer 2015

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Course:BUS 311 - Information Systems for the Global Business Environment
CRN (Meeting Times):90414 (MTWRF,0100-0400p) BUSAD E102
Prerequisite(s):A grade of C or higher in ICS 101, consent of the ITM Department Chair or instructor.
Instructor:Richard Halverson
Text Messages:(808) 371-7424
Classroom:BUSAD E102
Office Hours:Appointment
Office Location:E601h


Rapid changes and advances in information technology (IT) are dramatically changing the ways in which businesses operate. These IT-enabled changes affect how customers interact with a business, how businesses interact with each other, and how the employees of an organization work individually and cooperatively. This course will provide academic preparation so that students can successfully participate in this information-intensive business environment. Students will learn about IT through hands-on experience, reading assignments, lectures, group work, peer consultations, and social media.

Course Objectives

  1. You will learn how firms are using IT to be more successful
  2. You will learn IT-enabled business models and strategies
  3. You will learn how to think strategically about IT to help organizations
  4. You will learn about current IT trends and basic IT valuation and management issues
  5. You will have hands-on experience of critical business application software and simple e-business website implementation
  6. You will learn the rudiments of IT system design and development methods
  7. You will learn about the IT code of ethics and how to manage the moral and ethical issues


Valacich & Schneider, Information Systems Today: Managing in the Digital World
6th Edition, Prentice-Hall, 2011.
Available as a traditional textbook, loose-leaf edition, or e-book.
Also Required: MyITLab.com Online Registration for Course # halverson74687.
Registration Access Code comes the hardcopy textbook.
Registration can be purchased directly without textbook for $40 or with e-book for $86.35.