BUS 311 Grading Policy

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The grading policy of this class is as follows:

Type Percent Description
Lab Projects 40% Ten equally weighted machine graded projects using Microsoft Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint (4% each). You download the files for a project to your computer. You modify the project's working document (Word, Excel, Access or PowerPoint document) according to instructions. Modifying the document can be completely offline. Projects usually take about one hour to complete. When you are finished, you upload the finished document back up. Scoring is immediate. If you don't get 100% you can re-submit the document as many times as you wish and your highest score will be the one that counts. Use Course ID halverson74687.
Chapter Exams 40% Ten equally weighted online multiple choice exams administered in MyMISLab. (4% of total grade each.) Use Course ID halverson28702. Each exam can be taken exactly twice and the highest one will count. Note that there is no time limit for completing an exam, and you can save your exam and finish it later. Exams are exactly 50 multiple choice questions each. Exams taken a second time will be slightly different and questions may be in a different order.
Website Assignments 20% Mobile App (10%) and WordPress/MySQL (10%)

Letter grades will be based on a rounded percentage and assigned as follows:

A93% - 100%
A-90% - 93%
B+87% - 90%
B83% - 87%
B-80% - 83%
C+77% - 80%
C73% - 77%
C-70% - 73%
D60% - 70%
FBelow 60%

Practically speaking it should not be too difficult to get most or all of the points for all of the assignments and exams. All work must be completed by the Friday June 19th, which is the one week after the last day of class. Also, practically speaking, if you end up with a poor grade in this class it will because you didn't finish enough work by June 19th, not because the work was too difficult.